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Damn_Report: Wangan Warriors 8 Part Ichi

Posted by B-San on June 4, 2011 at 4:00 PM

Here is a small report on the Wangan Warriors meeting. In this first part we'll take a small tour around the parking lot at Nijmegen, the Netherlands, were the carmeeting was held. Eventough it was not as big in numbers as Wangan Warriors 7 at Oosterhout or our DamnJDM & Elstars meeting at Breda but there were still some very nice cars on the scene. Two of them already shown in the picture here above. A very nice FD and a completly GTR-look R34. In the back a very nice J-tin 'rolla with a trainhanger on the back for that extra jap-feeling but about that car later...

Maybe the most epic car at this meeting was from our member "Jan". He brought this BNR34 V-spec equiped with a BNR V-spec II Nür engine under the hood. This freshly installed strengtend RB26DETT produces around 480HP. Like a BNR34 should be its in Bayside Blue with a R-front facia... what a looker! Earlier today we had a small photoshoot with this car so more on that later!

Ofcourse we were represtened... always fun to see! haha

Its just mad if you inmagine that the '34 has over 4 times as much power as my own Roadster. =^.^=

Jan's '34 wasn't the only '34 on the scene. In total their were about four including this neat black one.

...and the white one in the back. More about it further down the post.

Also, as always, Patrick's sexy R32. White '32's... they sure have something going one...!

And more familiar faces from Elstars came to have a look at Nijmegen such as Caption Slow...

...and Burnout-Sjef himself fitting his DamnJDM stickers on his S12. Thats how we like to see it, and since he has two of them it will sure give him that just that little more horsepower!

From S12 to S13. From matt painting to shine & glitter. Don't asume shine & glitter is always just show(-bizz). This thing goes!

The oldies were not forgotten in the form of this old Z. A '75 260Z 2+2.

The last R34 of the 4 is this GT-T in that gorgious color Midnight Purple.

Another GT-R V-Spec that arrived was this beautiful example from Jim. Very clean!

A Roadster isn't already what you call a big car but parked between these two R33's Mattijn's NA6 looked even smaller than it already was. Not that its a bad thing in my opinion, its the charm of there rad lil' cars...

Not the fastest, but sure standing out from the crowd. This awesome K11! It even had a stripped interior and towerbars installed... don't know if there is anything changed under the hood, but who knows what a fun little go-cart this might be...?!

Another familiar face... GeenIdee's FC.

Remember that awesome white Imprezza on fluor-green wheels from our DamnJDM & Elstars meet in Breda? Yes? This is it now! Fully wrapped matt green and army style...

...but with the same wheels...

...and just as much go as before.

More to come in the second part.

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