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Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival 2011

Posted by B-San on December 11, 2011 at 9:25 AM

While in most of Europe the cars are going into winter-mode again or get hidden in the warm shed for its wintersleep the Japanese can't get enough. A few weeks ago it was time for the annual Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival. Lets us guide you trough these impressions from the awesome fest at Fuji Speedway full with Classic Toyota's, D1 Drifters, Super GT racers and rare concept cars.

Ofcourse what would a Toyota-fest be without some J-tin. A perfect example is the very neat Sport 800.

All the way from J-tin to this hypermodern LF-A.

And I must say red suits this car also very very well. What a looker!

And who knows what car this is on the picture below?

Yup, its the new Hachiroku! Also known as the FT86 or GT86 as it officially will be called. Its really great to see Toyota comming up with a nice, (sort of) affordable, lightweight, nimble sportcar. Eventhough it kinda sad it doesn't look as sharp as the original FT86 concept. On the other hand, isn't that how it used to work? Would give allot of opportunities for the tuners out there!

Tuners like Toyota's Racing Department... TRD.

Sexy stuff!

Its not all Toyota on the scene though... On of the aliens was this Sti.

Toyota's also has allot of classic and modern racecars on the scene. They even brought a few conceptcars with them like this FT86 Hybrid Sport Concept II. Reminds me a bit of a "Yes!", a German roadster builder.

And what is this? An FT86 but still undercover? The question is; why? The production version is already shown, or are they comming up with a even more sporty version?

Also quite a few D1 drivers gave a little driftshow including Tomokazu Hirota's epic Aristo. Full carbon, lightweight windows, fully stripped and caged and with a huge nitrous-oxide bottle in the boot.

Another epic concept is this Aygo FR. A tweeked 1500cc Daihatsu engine in the front and rearwheeldrive with just 1.000kg must be one hell of a fun car. It was sold in limited numbers as a tribute to Hiromu Naruse. Hence the name GRMN; Gazoo Racing Master Nürburgring. Priced start at 1.4 million Yen.

You might this that the Aygo is quite a small car to be a true sports-car. Think again... this is the iQ SC! As the name says a supercharged iQ. A mega fun go-kart with about 100HP, an other Tribute to Naruse going by the GRMN badge.

Besides the go where, ofcourse, also was alllot of show on the scene. Allot of toyota-minded tuners showed there latest creations.

via BLS 生活 & スタイルを望

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