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Video: The Man Behind Liberty Walk

Posted by B-San on May 11, 2012 at 2:55 PM

Some of the regular visitors will surely remember the Liberty Walk company which we posted about before. The Japanese company known for its costum bodywork, exclusive cars and funky ATV's. The video gives you a "behind the scenes"-look into the life of shop-owner Kato-san. Eventhough these days Liberty Walk focuses more and more on Lamborghini's and American cars, Kato-san has a great passion for good 'oll Japanese Shakotans. As his awesome garage shows. Packed with a neat Shakotan ZG S30 on (what look to be) classic deepdish AME-wheels. Followed by two other Shakotans; a first-gen C210 & Yonmeri Skyline. Hakosuka's, Kenmeri's... mister Kato-sans private garage is the dream of every Nissan J-tin minded person out there. While Kato-san talks us trough his honest and truly interesting carlife we take a look outside his garage where we find my personal favorite... Its a Yonmeri in complete Japanese police outfit! Including red-flashlights, siren and speaker-unit like it came straight out of some vintage "Seibu Keisatsu"-episode. Make sure to watch this video in high quality at be prepared for a JDM & J-tin overload! Click on the image below to start the video!

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