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MUST SEE: A day at "Vintage" Japan, Part I

Posted by TheBrabo on January 1, 2010 at 1:28 PM

Nakazoto from Japanese Nostalgic Cars visited one of my favorite car dealers in japan, "Vintage". A great company with always have some very exclusive and rare JDM models for sale. Here you'll find all the pictures. I did not know they have much more in stock than shown on their website.

Sit back and enjoy...

^ never tought they would have so many cars in stock.

^ a very nice C10 witch really is a raw diamant.

^ and a real clean example of a Hakosuka

^ a very nice line-up of C10's. Something we can only dream of overhere

^ a S30 parked in by C10's

More to find in Part II

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