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The sad story of a abandoned Zenki in Holland

Posted by B-San on April 3, 2010 at 8:29 AM

A small mini-docu is taking place at "Banpei's" blog. A sad story of a forgotten S14 200SX in Holland witch hasn't been moved for ages and only gets in worse condition everyday. What is this owner thinking? Is it a stolen car thats been abandoned? Is it a purchase in a impulse but the owner doesn't care anymore? Is it a future project that never started? So many questions. See a little documentary about this poor Zenki starting over a year ago.

This was June 2009. Few months later in 2009 it only got worse. Especially the painted witch is now litterly falling off...

Than when the autumn of 2009 kicked in it still didn't move. Some people already posted notes on the car wanting it to save it from death. Sadly all notes get removed. By the owner of my other "potentional" buyers?

Than just before the year 2010 started the car was (still unmoved) under a pack of snow. Snow is normally fun but not for a car that is already in bad condition and has paint blistering off. I can see the rust monsters comming already. 

Latest update from Banpei about this tragic deathwatch was a few days ago. Yep, its still standing at the same point slowly falling apart. Not the stance its got by slowly sinking trough its suspention.

Its a sad story...

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