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Damn_Report: JDM AllStars hit Nissan Factory hard!

Posted by CrabsterDrift on July 7, 2010 at 4:30 PM



 The nissan factory in the North East of England was to be hit with ahammer by Niall Gunn and the JDM AllStars series for Round 3. The eventhas now come and gone, but below are public links to my spectator viewphoto's from both Saturday's practice and Sundays full on action.






As well as the photo's, i am uploading video's all the time. Hereisthe one of Phil and Bon Bon or Driftworks coming together a bitharshlywith Luke Fink from Low Brain Drifters!

Phil Morrion, Bon Bon and Luke Fink training and smashing...

Luckily,noneof the drivers where injured apart from Phil's tongue being sorefromhim biting it on landing. Yes, on landing, as his car flew andspunalmost 360 degree's when colliding with Fink's PS13. (If you look,yousee Phil's S15 arse bounce up and out of the smoke.



Edit by B-San:

Also check out Crabster his website by clicking the banner below.


Thats it for Part Ichi, more awesome footage in Part Ni comming very soon!

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