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Kidney Anyone III: Classic Mazda Three-Wheelers

Posted by B-San on August 18, 2010 at 3:20 PM

Remember that post about the T2000 I made some time ago? That epic huge Mazda three-wheeld truck? I found one for sales at Takeey's! (Gotta love that shop full of awesome Jassic. More about a very nice Nissan for sale there later this week!)  Its a '68 1.5liter model in the typical blue of these cars. I dont think they came in any other color? Doesn't look like its the longest version tough which could be over 6 meters long. There was no price listed but I'm affraid these things don't go cheap. Oh, and dont forget... easy in the bends! lol

And than there is this weerd unknown three-wheeler Mazda for sale. I really have no idea what its called to be honest. It looks a bit like a 600cc mini-T2000. It has the same oldschool Mazda logo as the T2000 so it must be from around the same time.1965 to be correct. Anyone knows more about this certain model? I think I've seen slightly younger versions around the interwebs already so....

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