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Homebrew Eunos Kit

Posted by B-San on February 21, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Ofcourse its nice when you see a car with a great but expensive bodykit. For example a Pitcrew Roadster, but at the same time I always find home-brew kits more interesting. The magnificent ideas of some individuals combined with true craftsmanship can turn out to really great and unique examples. Today I'd like to show you guys one of these examples with this Eunos Roadster. A Japanese roadster-fanatic I'd choose for the expensive option but let his own imagination do the work. Lets show the build-up of this rather good looking home-brew Eunos kit....

Ofcourse its all started with a stock NA front facia and a scetch on paper...

Followed by scetching and drilling out the vents.

The first test fit... already looking somewhat like the intended product.

Plastering the indicator design.

And ofcourse test-fitting it...

... just before painting it in the right color.

Mounting the Foglights  just before putting the end-result on the car.

So here is to final look. A truly stunning look if you ask me!

A big plus one for this guy!

Via ロードスターっていいね~♪

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