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Raw Roadster Roadtrip...

Posted by B-San on May 30, 2011 at 8:35 AM

Roadtrips, as you've most likely noticed we don't just love them but its becomming a sort of obsession. I know many there are many fellow roadster-lovers checking the site frequently and I think they all agree that life doesn't get much better than driving a perfectly balanced open sportcar on some nice twisty mountainroad surrounded by overwhelming beautiful nature. So it was not a suprise when another roadster enthausiast "Rudolf" from Norway (oh the irony!) showed me some photo's of there local clubs' roadtrip trough Norway my reaction could pretty much to be described in two word... "DO WANT!". The amazing quality of nature, photo's and cars (including Rudolf neat Limited Edition NA6) just struct me right away. I really need a vacation soon...!

Photo's by: Rudolf

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