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WTF: Works Super Mega Awesome Quad Cart

Posted by damnjdm on July 13, 2011 at 9:00 AM

With being an enthusiasts for the Japanese automotive industry immediately comes the interest of the Japanese culture in general and there often weird look and things an bizarre creatures they make. To day one of these weird creatures is this... well, we still haven't decides that it really is... Its to small for a car, to big for a cart... and also isn't really a Quad. The flake paint job grabs your attention right away but what also amazes me that this "thing" was sitting an a very nice set of Watanabee's! The maker of this is CQ motors, a toy company from Japan. This example currently belong to a small performance garage near Kanagawa, Japan called Works. One thing I do not understand tough is how you'd be able to drive such thing. It seems like it has all the driving abilities of a Quad. But a quad doesn't have a normal car steering wheel for a very import reason. To be able to corner with a quad you need to move your body weight to the side of the vehicle which makes a straight steering-bar needed. You can't really do that with a steering wheels like this Works has. Isn't it gonna tip over? Anyhow... I assume the guys at Works know what they are doing. ^^

This 2010 fully electric 2WD CQ Qi (Pronounced as "q-uno") with just 5.000km's can you yours for just under €15.000.

Via: WorksSpec

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