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Damn_Rides: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür

Posted by B-San on July 14, 2011 at 11:35 AM


You don't have to be a scientist to know this R34 means business when you see it. The R34 is often seen as the last "real" Skyline from the R-series. After the R34 Nissan split up the GT-R models from the normal Skyline series. The everyday Skyline sedans and coupes continued in the V35 en G35 series. The GT-R line has grown further in the shape of the R35. The R34... when one thinks of it, most people immediately think of a Bayside Blue BNR34, don't they? Not to long ago, we at DamnJDM got the pleasure to shoot and drive on of these. And if we weren't exited enough already, we got to hear this wasn't just an ordinary GT-R. That for as far as a R34 GT-R can be ordinary of course, but the specific car we got to drive turned out to be a V-spec II Nür. The Nür-models were modified V-spec II-models that were produced in a very limited number and developed further to set the record as fastest production car around the Nürburgring's Nordschleiffe which they did. Compared to the "normal" GT-R's the Nür models have a Nismo N1 engine, which is a strengthened RB26DETT-based engine. Nismo's N1 block had a reinforced head, Nismo pistons and con-rods, Nismo oilpump, waterpump and exhaust manifold. Also Nismo used different material to construct the two turbochargers. We'd have to admit tough the particular R34 we drove didn't start its life as a Nür model. It used to be a "normal" GT-R V-spec II but was technically completely converted into a genuine Nür-model. Only small details as a non-colored stitching, and the clockwork that reads 180km/h at max instead of 300km/h give away that this wasn't car born as a Nür.


When we drove it the N1 engine just had gone trough a completely rebuild and was producing a mindblowing 480HP and a 550Nm of torque to give you a instant whiplash as the turbo's kick in. Besides that it was equipped with a ARC intercooler and radiator, APEXi ECU, Greddy exhaust system, Ultralite wheels and a R-tune front fascia to give it just a little more aggressive look.

When you get in the car it ofcourse first is a bit strange sitting in a RHD car. No matter how often you drive a RHD car, if you have a LHD daily the first few meters always feels a little awkward after its been a while. Right away when driving off I was amazed how easy this car was to drive. I'd expected some extremely fast, aggressive, mean machine. I was expecting that as soon as the nail of my toe hit the gaspedal I would be jammed in the seats and my eyes pop out of my ears. I was wrong, eventhough all the capabilities of this car its still easy to drive aslong as you don't give it beans.

Another thing that keeps you amazed is the Hicas 4 wheel steering system. Eventhough this is not the first time I experienced the effect of the Hicas system it still feels a bit weird. When you see a massive car like the R34 you'd expect it too have a turning circle like a boat, but a bit of a direct steering manoeuvre and the Hicas does its job making the turning circle very very short. So short in fact that you have the idea there are some hidden trolley wheels underneath that pop out. haha

That the GT-R is a massively big car doesn't surprise anyone. But driving this on the sometimes very tight Dutch country roads full of narrow speedkillers is sometimes not as fun as it seems. Tough as soon as you get a few miles of free road in front of you the pure joy of this car comes out.

Once the turbo's kick in simply any other car seems to stand still and disappear rapidly at the horizon in your rear-view mirror. Its an addiction not hard to get used to.

With its large body, scream Bayside Blue color and lovely raw low sound from the Greddy exhaust system the Nür gives an impressive act-de-presance. Little boys in the backseat of dads lease MPV with their big eyes and nose squeezed on to the window. Cars like 911's that step of the gas to take a second look and inevitably young chaps in their Golf's with tinted windows trying to race you.

An closer look to the Nismo N1 engine.

After shooting and driving the Nür we decided we had some time left to visit an other event ( WanganWarriors 8 ) in the country. So we got our cars ready, plugged in the navigation system and headed of to Nijmegen.

And after an long and productive day it was time to head back home after a extremely hot summer day. Special thanks to our member Jan for giving us this opportunity.

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