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DamnJDM will be Halderberge Automotive...

Posted by damnjdm on April 19, 2016 at 6:55 AM

In a couple of months our beloved 'DamnJDM' will no longer be with us... As many of you noticed last months/years the new content got less and less. Jobs, family and a house took its toll on the available time to keep this website at the level it once was. With this message I want to thank all of the readers, writers and people who helped out trough the years. The awesome photo's of festivals arrounds the world, the great readers-cars, information of the Japansese (J-tin) classics and much more... I am truly proud of what we reached with a minimal to no budget at all. I'm sure if we only had a fraction of the time and budget like the "mainstream" blogs arround the world, like speedhunters.com, we would be up and running and could really bring a different kind of automotive-news. 

Its not totally over though, last years I spend more money on owning cars than writing about them and my passion about MX-5's, Miata and Roadsters got a little out of hand. This is why I started 'Halderberge Automotive', a company specialized in trading the fun little Mazda MX-5, Mazda Miata's, Eunos Roadsters and other fun Japanese stuff. Also on this website I'll keep a blog about Japanese automotive culture in my own weerd way. Classics and weerd Japanese cars always have en will have my interest. Don't exept a weekly article like it used to be, growing up sadly bring to much other responsability to be able to do this. But be sure to check it out once a while. The first event (Japan Classic Sunday) is already on the agenda. 

Again a big THANK YOU to all the readers, writers and people i forgot about...!

Some awesome posts we will always remember:

The BNR34 V-Spec II Nür (currently stolen of probably scrapped) 

Wekfest 2011

Japanese Classic Sunday 2010

The BNR32 & BNR35

JAF 2010 Part I & II

JDM Allstars

The man behind Liberty Walk

Wangan Warriors 7

The DamnJDM Juke that went viral around the world

All information about the Bosozoku

The many articles about Japanese carshops

Our 1th meeting with Elstars

WTF-Stuff on wheels

And WTF-stuff on wheels for sale

Many car festivals in japan

Always something fun for sale at our favorite car shop Takeeys

And ofcourse ALLOT of Roadster material

And Roadster roadtrips... (Can't wait to take my own Eunos to Italy again in a couple of days!)

The sad story from Banpei.net about the abondend Zenki


And make sure to check out our Halderberge Automotive website.

(Want more non-regular Japanse automotive articles, make sure to check out banpei.net.)

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