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I <3 Juke

Posted by B-San on October 12, 2010 at 11:50 AM

One of the reasons I love Japanese cars is cause most of them really dare to stand out which gives them caracter. And the new Juke is no exeption. A while ago we posted a photoshop Bram made for us of a black Juke slammed 'n put on some nice bright green TE37 Volks. Now a few weeks ago this picture was all over the internets from Japolnik to Speedhunters, from SIE to Autoblog. I must admit I tought that was quite exiting than my idea (and Brams photoshop-skills) got viral. :P Now I was surfin' around Minkara and spotted this white Juke. Its not slammed, but lowered quite a bit and put on some nice SSR steel. My gawd a set of wheels can make or break a Juke. The stock ones are quite boring and the so called "sport version" wheels they put on them in Europe are just pure horror. But with a nice set of aftermarket wheels.... Now I just need to try to convince the old man at home that the Juke would be a good replacement for the K12 Sport we have atm. I was thinking a Machine Brown version on some GunMetal Grey 18x8 ET10 Rota Torque's... what-ya-thinkin'?

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