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Reincarnation of the "Sakura" Legend...

Posted by B-San on February 28, 2011 at 11:44 AM

As most of you over here have a fetish for classic Japanese wheels this news could come rather as a blessing or a disaster. Over the year many of the vintage wheels have been copied by multiple companies. For some the ideal opportunity to finally get the look the where after; for others a shame on the rich history of these wheels. For me its always been a battle of evil and good... You have passion for the original wheels and don't like that many fakes start breaking down the status of a certain wheels but at the same time their looks are still very good and so often is the price. I think everyone, no matter how anti-fake you are, has considered buying knock-offs. However at the last Tokyo Auto Salon this ultimate solution was showed to the public by wheel factory rPride. Its obvious based on the famous Hayashi Racing Sukara (aka Cherry Blossom) wheel but still has its own style and form so even a blind man could tell the difference between them. A great resolution if you ask me cause this way you can still have the great designs and style without having to feel guilty buying fakes. Best of both worlds!

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