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Must see! GO!GO! Daijiro!

Posted by B-San on September 10, 2011 at 12:45 PM

We, ofcourse, don't have to introduce you to Daijiro Inada also known as Dai-san. Today I stumbled upon a video of Dai-san produced by Video Option called GO!GO!大二郎の大冒険 meaning something like "the advantures of Dai-san". Now pretty much all videos from Video Option were pretty cool but this one really stands out for me! In this 3DVD box Dai-san testes the JUN Bonnevile Z. A Z32 tuned by JUN to reach a topspeed of 425km/h at the famous Bonneville track in '91; a world record at that time. He also does a roadtest in a Formula 3000 racer just because he can. He is going for a stunt-flight in a HKS powered plane! He dragraces the 9,886-second World Record Celica from HKS. Not as fast but just as spectacular he is gonna dance with a Hydraulic-equiped low-rider on the wangan. Also is he gonna drive a jet-car, A 3000HP drag-monster and he try's to find out if a engine-rattle can get you fainted. Also for the J-tin lovers there is some cool stuff in this DVD Box. He is gonna drive the oldschool Super Silhouette S12 Silvia loved and praised by the J-tin racer-lovers and zokusha drivers. On disc too even more WTF-ness as Dai-san is gonna review us a bulldozer, is creating a choas as he drives a bosozoku-car with Godfatherhorn trough the city center, tries to find a zokusha, rides along with a dekotora, takes a look at a WWII fighteryet, competes in a boatrace, becomes a stuntdriver and shocks Tokyo's city center driving allong in a huge 6-wheeled convertible bippu creation. When you had enough of all the games and fooling around DVD number 3 provides you enough decent information about the heritage of some icons from the land of the rising sun. Like the Fairlady like all the way from the S30 till the Z33, the Skyline-range from the ALSI-1 to the R31 and the Silvia line-up from the CSP311 untill the S12. But also the rotary heritage is not forgotting by featuring everything from the L10A (Cosmo) till the FD3S. For the Toyota-lovers there is a whole story of the TE27 untill the AE111, the TA20 till the MA61 (Celica) and the RT72 all the way down to the JZX110 (MarkII)! Any really Japanese car enthausiast should have this DVD-box in his collection! Still not sure you'd buy one? Let this preview speak for itself!

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